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Athena Racing’s Driving Training Series is home for the millions of gamers around the globe who want to learn how to race like a pro while learning the theory and fundamentals of the track. 

Do you like esports and racing? Want to learn more about how to really drive a racecar, setting up your car for the track and what it takes to be a spokesperson?

Get exposed to the multifaceted career paths that are in and around the world of motorsports. Learn from industry experts, and well-known drivers. Experience the world of virtual racing on your way to winning a VIP track experience! You’ll go virtual to live - from driving the car on the sim to riding in it on the track!

There are also virtual to real racing prizes for those who are selected to compete in the DRIVE Aspiration Championship. We'll go from virtual racing on a sim to real hot laps on the track at Portland International Raceway on June 29th. The experience of a lifetime!

The only requirements: dedication, a driving sim, and a device (smart phone, tablet or computer). We will provide the training here at this site for you to learn at your pace. Practice to perfect your skills on your driving sim.

Subscribe to our DRIVE Training Series today. 

You can choose from a variety of training bundles or single race tracks. With a variety of subscription levels, we have training opportunities to fit all budgets.

Here you'll find a group of peers, industry experts, and racing professionals – real to virtual racing - to collaborate with, including:

+ certified education programming from Athena Racing

+ FIA licensed professional race car drivers

+ Racing celebrities

+ Driving aficionados

+ Global community of driving sim gamers

Join like-minded peers who are learning how to race and what careers are available in this industry! Students… this is the opportunity to show your parents that gaming is a skill that is needed for your future career growth!

5 Racing Series /// 5 Race Tracks /// 5 Educational Segments

Each Session Includes 5 Segments:

+ Racing Instruction

+ Car Set-up and Theory

+ Pro Athlete Mental Resilience & Physical Training

+ Business, Marketing & Spokesperson Training

+ Job Opportunity Exploration with Industry Leaders and Companies

+ BONUS: Weekly contest for prizes

Focusing on 5 Racing Series:

+ Sprint Racing

+ Off-Road Racing

+ Endurance Racing

+ Rally Racing

+ Indy Car Racing

Our First 5 RaceTracks are:

+ Lime Rock

+ Watkins Glen

+ Laguna Seca


+ Road Atlanta

This Is For ALL Ages & Genders:

+ Women and Men

+ Boys and Girls

+ Young and Old

+ Local and Global

+ Beginning Drivers and Experienced Drivers

+ Street Driving and Track Driving

+ Competitive and Pleasure

Our DRIVE Training Series teaches the fundamentals of STEM education as they apply to the racetrack and life. 

Gaming will help your children succeed in their career goals when approached with the curiosity to learn.

From November 25, 2021 thru June 18, 2022 we will be hosting a global competition. TO QUALIFY YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE ENTIRE 25 WEEKS OF OUR TRAINING SERIES.

The top time-trial winners will be invited to a VIP experience at a Track Day on the West Coast. There will be a final race to the finish – in simulators next to each other – to claim the title of Training Champion. Drivers, their family, and sponsors will take laps on the racetrack in the real cars driven by Bronze FIA licensed Professional Driver, Dominic Cicero and SRO GT World Challenge America GT3 driver Erin Vogel.

Hold on to your seats…. this is exciting!


Join our “Virtual to Real” Racing Community

 to meet like-minded, sim-driving, race-loving people. 

It’s FREE to join, just like those big social networks. And it is growing on a daily basis (just give us a few years and your help inviting your favorite peeps). 

Does it cost anything? If you would like to train with our pros, yes. 

Want to compete in the DRIVE ASPIRATION Championship Cup? Subscribe to the big bundle. 

Collect swag? You can purchase it at our store. 

That feel good moment that you get to experience? Knowing that your purchases fund our STEM Education 501c3 non-profit, Athena Racing.


Exclusive Yet Inclusive

Request to join today! 


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